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Andrius is a Florentine musician who produces diuretic music, his sound is based on a mix of psychedelia, electronic music and melody mostly gluten. The products are indicated for songs soundtracks and digestive difficulties.

Andrius music is available here:

  • RN Direct
  • iTunes & Apple Music
  • Amazon
  • eMUSIC
  • Spotify
  • Google
  • Youtube
  • Anghami
  • Deezer
  • WiMp/Tidal
  • Clear-musica
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  • Coming soon
  • Kanjian
  • Pandora
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  • Bugs!
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  • Netease
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  • AWA

Industrial People

A story that we re-projects in the life of that great reality that was the Ferrania company and the whole valley that housed it and today it preserves the ruins.

From the pen of Pierluigi Norziglia

Andrew Firenze, Column Sound digestive!

Download music diuretic from this site (unreleased music!)

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