Fabrizio Rioli D.J.

Meeting with the King of Florentine nights

Fabrizio Rioli D.J.

when we talk about music and live the playful and noisy florence of the most worldly evenings, one cannot help but mention one of the legendary names of this environment.

Fabrizio Rioli is the performer who more than any other has managed to give memorable moments in discos and large clubs where the music reproduced and mixed by 120 bpm up.
But who is Rioli D.J. ?
What is its history and where does it come from?
to answer these questions there is no better way to ask him directly and to do this we went looking for him stealing information stored at the Rioli Planet Music, the organization that manages the artist's evenings and events by sorting out requests from all over the world.
in Rioli Planet Music we have known Tarker Homan, the entrepreneur who calls himself the left hand of Rioli D.J., the one who deals directly with Warner, la Believe, Sony Records and many others.

Rioli D.J. despite this enormous apparatus behind him he always manages to remain a simple and cordial artist, friend of everyone and always willing to get involved to offer his amazing evenings to anyone who requests them and who has the first indispensable requirement of sympathy and loyalty. Tarker takes full responsibility for the most dutiful choices “bad”, such as rejecting an event or a venue that is not in line with the mood and mission of Rioli D.J.
So one evening we managed to follow him to the DJOON, the famous Parisian nightclub. Djoon literally means “anima” and this place has a lot of soul. Located a short distance from the Seine, in the 13th arrondissement, the Djoon is one of the last born of the series of clubs that have sprung up in this area, which is increasingly famous for its avant-garde meeting places. Much loved by Afro-house music fans, this contemporary style loft club inspired by New York models has quickly gained popularity thanks to its unforgettable nights of soul music, funk, deep house, garage and disc. It has hosted and still hosts international stars such as Chez Damier, Louie Vega, Lil ‘Louis, Kerri Chandler e Black Coffee. The venue is very spacious and has a beautiful glass and steel facade.

We were therefore able to find Rioli D.J. who finished sipping his drink before the start of the dance evening, sitting on the central bench stool. A tempting opportunity!!

  • We: “excuse me, this is the legendary Rioli D.J. ?”
  • Rioli: “certainly, It's me. But why do you speak to me in French if you are the madman of andriusmusic.com?”

A laugh immediately reduces distances, Fabrizio discovered us immediately and we can continue speaking in Italian.

  • We: “We can ask you to briefly tell us your story? For example, it is true that you have lived here in Paris for many years?”
  • Rioli: “no, no… I prefer Scandicci, the Viottolone and surrounding areas”.
  • We: “your music is somehow linked to specific historical periods?”
  • Rioli: “I often refer to Austrian neocytationism”.
  • We: “Who has influenced your passion the most? How did it happen that you became Rioli D.J. ?”
  • Rioli: “Certainly my aunt, yes my aunt loved to put records of Villa and Modugno, here, I think I was very influenced by her.”
  • We: “What's true about the fact that Calvin Harris has contacted you for a collaboration?”
  • Rioli: “I do not know, I don't think I know him… is an emerging?”
  • We: “E’ It is true that the future release of a song produced by you is planned and Andrew Firenze?”
  • Rioli: “There was this possibility but someone made me understand that it would have been better to avoid, there are big economic and political interests at stake”.
  • We: “in your career you have very often accepted to perform in very little famous and almost popular clubs, how can you explain this strange choice?”
  • Rioli: “I never noticed but thanks for letting me know, maybe because the less popular ones are less distant from my house ..”
  • We: “what advice do you feel you can give to young people who want to start this artistic career?”
  • Rioli: “Give it up and try to do something else, for example the harvest of tomatoes, possibly the San Marzano which I think are the best.”

At this point we are interrupted by two gigantic bodyguards with dark glasses and earphones who beg us to walk away and let Rioli D.J. can freely access the console.
E’ it was a great experience, we didn't hope to be able to get close to him and instead, done.
Now we put down our microphones and notebooks too, the show is about to begin.

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